Owen (Hart) didn’t die due to a heart problem likely brought on by the excessive steroid abuse; he didn’t overdose on the popular combination of alcohol and pain pills; he didn’t die by any fault of his own. Owen James Hart died because he was a company man, a pawn in a ratings battle that had already been over for a long time.
R.D. Reynolds.
In my mind, no one man is bigger than (the sport of pro wrestling), but if there is an ‘icon’, it would be a man who had great ability inside the ring and professionalism and maturity outside of it. Let’s leave all the petty, backstabbin’, “I-make-more-money-than-you” BS with the hat check girl and concentrate on talent and attitude. The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin have never claimed to be icons, which means they’re big candidates to be just that! And on a personal note to Hulk Hogan: You are a household word, but so is garbage, and it stinks when it gets old, too.
Jim Cornette.
Well, Brian Pillman was a friend of mine. From the time he was born with throat cancer, he had the courage to undergo thirty-six different throat operations. He had the courage to withstand the punishment of pro football and ten years as a pro wrestler. He had the courage to come back from a car wreck that shattered his ankle, and a lot of other personal tragedies. And then one night, he went to sleep in a hotel room.. and he died.
Jim Cornette.
I never wanted to lay a hand on you. And look what you made me do. But you know what, Rey? Blessings come in disguise, ese! You see, I realized something last week, homes. My eyes were opened. And I realized what you were doing. And not only you: All of these people. I realized that each and every one of you are living vicariously through me. You were stealing my passion, my love, my energy. You were stealing my Latino Heat! But as of last week, not anymore, ‘cause I got it back. I got it all back! And I like it. I like what I’m feeling, Rey. So I’ve got a little piece of advice for you, homes. See, nothing and no one is going to ever take away my Latino Heat again. So I want you to listen - real close. Come in, a little closer. Look at me when I’m talking to you! Quiero qué piensas, I want you to think. Think of your family. Aalyiah and Dominik, your son and your daughter. Don’t make me hurt them, Rey. Don’t make me hurt their daddy again, esse! Don’t make me take away their papa! ‘Cause I promise you this, esse: You promised to make your return at Judgment Day, I advise against it. You return at Judgment Day, remember right now I have your blood on my hands. At Judgment Day, if you come back, I’ll have your life!
Eddie Guerrero cutting a heel promo on Rey Mysterio.

On one of the powerbombs, (Brock Lesnar) knocked me- or not the powerbombs- he knocked me so loose.  He picked me up up and then he gave me that F5 and that was probably the closest I’ve ever felt to being inside of a tornado.  I mean, I’m not kidding you - I was like Dorothy - just like everything was flying, and when he pinned me, I was still seeing ((as if I were still spinning)), so he grabs me - if you watch it at the very end, he picks me up and he goes to throw me out ((of the ring)) and I just flew right into the ropes because I couldn’t see shit, I was so dizzy.  It’s like he just grabs you with a force.  He sent me out and then he was going to throw me into the pole (ringpost) and (Brian Kendrick) came and made the save, and that’s what started Brian and I being pals on TV.”  -Paul London on his debut match with Brock Lesnar.